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Hey, thanks for stopping by and I hope that you find what you’re looking for on our site. I’m Dipan (like Dippin’ Dots the ice cream) and I was born and raised in Torrance, California. I’ve lived, explored, and surfed this amazing microcosm of natural beauty and character known as the South Bay my entire life and I absolutely love it.

In my continual explorations of my surroundings and my travel to amazing countries for surf, I found beauty that just couldn’t be captured with your typical point and shoot camera. I wanted to seize all that I’d seen with something better and that did it all justice.

After investing in my first “real” camera and a few lenses, I realized that I loved taking great photos and editing them to fit my artistic vision. As I started shooting more, I recognized that the things I love most aren’t necessarily the subjects that I shoot but the memories that I make with just one single image. It’s truly amazing and powerful when you capture an emotion, time stands still, and you have a piece of history in one well-timed and well-positioned shot. I was hooked.

From then on, I invested (and continue to invest—just ask my wife) in better equipment and proper training to hone in on my passion and sharpen my skills. Now, I’m eager to shoot everything from weddings, family portraits, and pets, to anything else that I can get my hands on. My love for the world’s beauty extends beyond my lens and when I’m not shooting or editing, I’m working with my brother at HDX Mix, an environmentally friendly beverage company we started together. As avid surfers we wanted to create a healthy alternative to all the over-sugared and over-caffeinated sports drinks out there while advocating clean oceans and reducing consumer use of plastics. I’m proud to have a part of creating something that is not only good for you but also good for the planet.

If I’m not shooting or editing, then you’ll find me out surfing somewhere or spending time with my lovely wife Natalie and our 2 mutts Smokey and Bentley. At times we have up to 4 pups running around our lively home thanks to the amazing rescue organization, Noah’s Bark, that we volunteer with. Fostering rescues and saving lives deepened my love for pet photography because I am able to capture the emotions you can often miss when you just look at your dog.

I have a profound and deep appreciation for making a difference, making a memory, and of all that surrounds me, and I’ve found that this makes all the difference when hiring the right photographer to capture your special day.

Thanks for getting to know me! I look forward to doing the same!


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Dipan Desai is an internationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art photography.
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